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Story Silience

Project Summary

This project targets children and young people in all three countries including the United Kingdom, Turkey, and Slovenia to retell their stories about their ‘well-being’ during the COVID-19 pandemic. The project aims to work with young people to uncover the stories of less heard/unheard individuals in our society, reinterpret these stories through art performances, and extend the work in cultural institutions (theatres, galleries, libraries, historical heritage sites, etc.) in all three countries.


Enable the disadvantaged young people -especially those who have been heavily affected by the pandemic- to:

-Ensure the voices of those from less heard communities are heard with a particular focus on their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic,

-Develop their interest in art as a viable career option by educating school-age children about art and creative industries,

-Revitalize cultural institutions affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by reconnecting them with their communities and attracting audiences.


The project will work with young people through art and organize activities to enhance their competencies in the following areas:

-Organizing workshop sessions with marginalized communities,

-Designing, writing, and producing performances (storytelling or short games)

-Strengthening their capacities in project management through collaborating with cultural institutions.

Project Partners

  • London Borough of Tower Hamlets - United Kingdom

  • Experiential Training Centre - Türkiye

  • Cumbria Development and Education Centre - United Kingdom

  • POVOD - Slovenia


05.2021 - 03.2023


Formal Education


Target group

Disadvantaged young people, especially those who have been greatly affected by the pandemic

Project Outputs


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