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Self-Directed Learning

About the Project

The mission of this project is to change the situation where evidence-based practices are lacking in youth work to support disadvantaged groups. Self-Directed Learning project enables young people to participate in the labor market and lifelong learning by presenting a new evidence-based practice to improve self-learning skills. The project combines theory, science, and practice to support innovation in youth work and reinforce the position of youth work in the network concerning young people with fewer opportunities. 

The project is a design-based research process where an evidence-based intervention method based on previous theories and practices is created and piloted by 32 disadvantaged groups. SDL’s training course curriculum and training for youth work trainers will be created and piloted by 16 youth workers. Researchers, trainers, youth workers, and the young work together during the joint design process. The results are presented in different levels and forms to provide more practice.

The project provides the main result types below:

-SDL4NEET as intervention

-TC curriculum in interdisciplinary collaboration

-Knowledge, skill, and competences

-A co-creation process of different fields and experts

The youth received self-directed learning support activities that enhanced their ability to define themselves better as learners and shape their life paths. Youth work has an evidence-based intervention method that enables them to become a valuable network partner.

Project Partners

  • International Experiential Learning Network -IELN NGO - Estonya

  • Experiential Training Centre - Türkiye

  • Prisms - Malta

  • CEFE - Macedonia


02.2021 - 08.2024


non-formal education


Target group

Youth Workers
Disadvantaged Youth

Project Outputs


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