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Learning by Doing

About the Project

This project aims to raise awareness of experiential learning as a non-formal education practice, to apply experiential learning methods emerging from non-formal education in formal school education, to develop students' fundamental competencies, especially critical thinking, learning to learn, and citizenship competencies, through their participation in experiential learning activities, to develop teachers' skills and increase their practical experience through the use of new pedagogical methods, to ensure knowledge transfer between school teachers with formal education background and educators specialized in non-formal education.

We will meet the following needs through our project:

For teachers:

-Attempts to make their work easier: We propose experiential activities so that students will be more concentrated and focused in the classroom, spreading their energies in experiential activities and thus not being disruptive, which will make the teachers' job easier.

- New didactic methods to make their lessons more attractive for students: Through the activities of our project, participating teachers will have the role of “trainer” or “facilitator” instead of “lecturer” who often loses their audience.

-Opportunities for skill development: Participating teachers will gain important experience in experiential learning and will be able to learn new pedagogical approaches that will accompany them for the rest of their professional lives. They will also receive information and guidance from trainers specialized in non-formal education

For school principals:

-New educational approaches that will make school more attractive not only for students and their parents, but also for teachers looking for an innovative workplace: Upon completion of our project, participating schools will have the opportunity to establish new innovative approaches, pedagogical methods, and educational initiatives that will bring new things to the school environment and attract more students, parents and teachers than before.

-Innovations that allow them to qualify as “model schools” or help them later claim the title of “experimental school”: After the completion of our project, the management of the participating schools will have the appropriate tools to develop them further in order to claim the title of “model” or “experimental” school.

Project Partners

  • VisMedNet Association - Malta

  • Experiential Training Centre - Turkiye

  • FEIO - Poland

  • Europroodos - Greece

  • Colegio do Sardao - Portugal

  • Innovative Education Center - Austria


11.2021 - 10.2023


Formal Education


Target group

Teachers, school principals, high school students aged 15-18.

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